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Poker Bonus Whoring 101

Poker bonus whoring has become quite the popular method of building or expanding a poker bankroll.  Practically every online poker room offers some kind of bonus or incentive for signing up.  A good poker player, and even a novice in some instances can seriously augment a bankroll over the course of several months by simply taking advantage of these bonus offers.

Our own Ashbash perfected the art of bonus whoring over the course of several months and detailed his odyssey in our forums.

We have chosen to place Ashbash's collection of posts concerning his bonus whoring adventures at the various poker rooms listed above, in our Online Poker Tips section in the hopes that his experience can help those of you working to build your online poker bankroll with limited starting funds.

Successful and planned bonus whoring is an integral part of the Beginner's Bankroll Guide.  Check out that guide and our No Deposit Bonuses section for hints on developing a bankroll from scratch!

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